Whatever it takes to stay on the trail to excellence!

Our team of nationally experienced camp consultants:
  • Outside, unbiased and objective approach
  • Experience with all types of camps
  • Able to address today’s complexities in camping

  • Creative solutions for:
  • Governance
  • Administration
  • Enrollment
  • Programming
  • Leadership structure
  • Food service
  • Reputation
  • Risk Assessment
  • We work on projects of all different lengths – and depths.

    We look at the who, the how, the when and – most especially – the why of the challenging issues.

    We are the fresh pair of eyes that sees what insiders often miss, because insiders are often impassioned stakeholders.

    We present an unvarnished truthful opinion and observations. We do NOT tell you what you want to hear; we tell you what you NEED to hear. Yet we do this in a way that never becomes critical, hurtful or embarrassing.

    Prescriptions are never closer than The Camp Doctor’s office – services include:

    • Camp and Conference Center - Site Development, Administration, Board Development
    • Feasibility Studies - Knowing Your Market, Problem Solving, Branding
    • Conceptual and Master Planning – Developing and preparing the Site Plan
    • Financial Development - Budgets, Accounting, Controls, Management Systems
    • Marketing -Promotion Strategies, Brochures, Web Site Design, Alumni Development
    • Risk Management – Safety Assessments, Health Care Concerns, Youth and Adult Protection
    • Fund Raising -Feasibility Profile, Endowment Development, Capital Campaigns
    • Food Service -Kitchen Design, Menu planning, Group Purchasing, Service
    • Maintenance -Plans, Schedules, Architectural Design, ADA Evaluation
    • ACA Standards – Writing them and preparing for assessment process
    • Staff Development -Recruiting, Training, Evaluation, Retention
    • Program Design – Program Standard, Matching needs of Clientele, Evaluation, Outcomes
    • Camp Fairs –Techniques for booth design, be your own representative, drawing attention
    • New Camp Buyers Inspection -Conduct site analysis and evaluation of property
    • Legal Service -Expert witness or Court receiver

    The best way to try us out is to give us a call. Why not do it now?

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