"It was a pleasure hosting Bill Givler and Bob Preston. I am very excited about the ideas that came up during your visit and have come up since. I am optimistic for the first time in a long time! For instance, I took the first step towards offering HHRC (Holiday Hill Riding Camp) by partnering with UCONN just three miles from us."
— Dudley Hamlin, Camp Director
Mansfield's Holiday Hill Day Camp, CT
"Bob Preston, I wish to commend you, Joe Toelle and the entire TCDI staff for working with the Camp Virginia Jaycee Board to make Camp Virginia Jaycee a highly successful entity during 2011. As Camp Virginia Jaycee looks to expand its camping services to those with special needs in the commonwealth of Virginia during 2012, we eagerly look forward to utilizing the highly professional expertise possessed by you and members of your firm. Again, Thank you for the very positive contributions provided us."
— William B Robertson, Founder
Camp Virginia Jaycee
"The Camp Doctor has a solid background in the camping industry and can be very helpful with the scheduling and organizational issues that make camps successful. Bob is willing to help with any situation or problem his clients have and will dig deep in to his wide range of industry resources to find the best solutions. Above all, The Camp Doctor is concerned for the welfare of camp participants and for accomplishing what's best for them."
— Dennis Bowen, Owner
The Whale Camp

"We engaged TCDI to assess and evaluate the four camps owned by the Council.  Their associates had an extensive understanding of Scouting as well as a keen ability to listen.  Our youth members and adult leaders were able to share their concerns, desires, and the expected direction of our future camping with TCDI’s team. Their report not only zeroed in on the financial and operation weaknesses we had, but more importantly, offered solutions to improve the economic bottom-line. 

The recommendations directly supported our Council’s long range financial planning committee’s goal to reduced activity and event dependence on council subsides. TCDI provided both the hard, but realistic recommendations to close one camp, along with the creative and practical solutions to overcome the impact. The resulting situations were better service and facilities, as well as improved fiscal operations of our overall camping program and a better Cub Scout program at the remaining facilities. Consequently, our management staff determined to make the TCDI report available on our council web site to demonstrate true transparency of the true situation."

— Harry Pokorny, Scout Executive, Retired
Connecticut Rivers Council

"The Camp Iroquoina staff and board knew we needed help with our many problems facing us and thankfully engaged the Camp Doctor, Inc to help us. I would recommend the services and expertise of TCDI to any camp or conference center in need of help setting focus and direction or just to supply a new set of eyes looking at older facilities.

Our many issues that the Camp Doctor's consulting associates addressed were aging facilities, aging board members, aging vision and focus, safety and leadership. This group of experienced camping professionals came in and helped me see that our situation wasn't hopeless or beyond repair. The quality time spent with them in the evaluation process was well spent and their suggestions and ideas have already helped us improve.

The vast camping experience of the TCDI associates brings a wealth of expertise to draw on and they are very willing to share it. Each member of the team brings skills and personality to the table that compliments each other. The board retreat that they led was an excellent exercise in helping us get everything on the table in a most peaceful and helpful setting. We are continuing to see where the Lord leads us with their findings. Our association with the members of the Camp Doctor has been well worth our time and investment in their services. Now, I believe that I have new friends to guide and advise us on our journey to better serve our campers for the glory of God."

— Mark Thomas, Manager
Camp Iroquoina
The TCDI comprehensive, Assessment Report opened the “eyes” of the Lions Camp Merrick Board of Directors. It is the unvarnished truth about their camping program and allowed the Board to take immediate corrective action to improve their customer service to the special needs population in Southern Maryland. The camp leadership has become more appreciative of their responsibilities to provide a safe, attractive camping environment for special needs persons.
— Board of Directors (2009)
Lions Camp Merrick
"Working with The Camp Doctor helped add a healthy objective perspective to our Kitchen remodel. In addition to sound advice on our remodel project, The Camp Doctor opened doors to other camps and institutions so that we could view their spaces and meet their staff and assemble the best possible building plans for our camp facility. Two years later and our Camp Kitchen staff have rave reviews for the materials used, flow of our space and overall remodel!"
— Tina LaRoche, Executive Director
Camp Holiday Trails

"For almost 2 years my partner and I searched nationwide in an attempt to find a summer camp to purchase. During that time we had numerous occasions to engage the services of Bob Preston and his team of professionals at Camp Doctor. Each and every time we worked with Bob and his team we walked away feeling as if we had gotten the expert advice and research we had been promised.

Bob and his crew spent countless hours visiting our prospective camp facilities, conducting both market research, facility analysis and an exhaustive review of the entire proposed project. Each time we were presented with a professionally written detailed, thoughtful and comprehensive report that was invaluable in helping us make our final decisions. I would highly recommended Bob Preston and TCDI to any camp owner or prospective camp owner who needs professional consulting services in any and all aspects of the camp industry."

— Andy Brown, Owner/Operator
Camp Manitowa
"In working with the Camp Doctor, we were exposed to a wealth of information and insight into the best practices for managing and running a first class camp. The experiences of both Maile Armstrong and Bob Preston were invaluable to us in the review of our current operation and the development of a plan to operate in the future. Their professionalism was exceptional and their willingness to "roll up their sleeves and jump in" was impressive. We certainly received everything we asked for and then some. We look forward to working with the Camp Doctor again in the future."
— Tom King, COB
Camp Virginia Jaycee, Inc.
"Thank you for your presentation at our Fall Workshop. It was beneficial to all who participated, and your guidance will be important to directors as they meet the challenges of planning for the future of their camps."
— Linda Pulliam, Section Executive
America Camping Association, Virginias Section
"When I sell a camp, I always suggest the buyer contract Bob Preston to inspect the camp. He is very experienced and knowledgeable, thoroughly reliable and honest. Camping is a unique industry and Bob is well-versed in its fundamentals. I always recommend The Camp Doctor with full confidence."
— Walter Brent, Camp Broker
Northeast Camp Real Estate
"I have used The Camp Doctor and find he is thorough and astute at examining a camp situation."
— Ted Halpern, Camp Broker
Halpern Real Estate
"As a court-appointed receiver for a corporation operating a youth camp, Bob Preston efficiently sized up the situation, handled the financial's, and helped forge a shareholder settlement that kept the camp operating. Bob found solutions where there was confrontation."
— John Cromie, Attorney
"Through your masterful understanding of the applicable industry standards and knowledge of industry practices we were able to present a compelling case. Indeed, your expert analysis was so persuasive the other side was unable to produce a witness to contradict you, which was critical to obtaining a significant settlement."
— Fred D. Smith, Jr., Attorney
"I found Robert Preston to be very knowledgeable relative to the general subject of camping and campgrounds. He was also very cooperative and tried to help any way he could. He is one of the few experts in this area."
— Richard L. Lancione, Attorney
Lancione, Lloyd & Hoffman Law Office
"I just wanted to let you know that our case just settled. Both the client and I are very happy with the outcome. Thank you very much for able assistance and guidance. Your insights were very helpful in getting us to the desired result."
— Plaintiff's Attorney, Maine
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